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Work permit

A work permit entitles foreign nationals to seek employment and work in Ukraine in the manner established by Ukrainian law.

In order for a foreigner to obtain a work permit in Ukraine, there must be engagement by, and documentation submitted from, two parties: the person who intends to seek employment and the employer company. The permit is then issued by the state employment agency, based on a favourable decision by its commission.

A favourable decision can be ensured only by supplying the employment agency with properly prepared documents and a report on the availability of vacancies. In addition, the employer company must meet certain requirements, namely, to have no tax liabilities, and to possess a record of having submitted the proper reports to the employment agency. There are also a number of requirements for the expatriate.

The process of officially employing a foreign specialist involves many difficulties and requires a considerable expenditure of time and money. Therefore, the compiling and preparation of the document package and fulfilling all requirements before the commission’s hearing is of particular importance.

What we can do for you:

  • – Conduct a preliminary consultation to discuss the steps required for obtaining a work permit.
  • – Study the employer company’s relevant documents to determine if they are adequate/sufficient for obtaining a foreigner’s work permit in Ukraine.
  • – Submit required reports to the employment agency at the place of the employer company’s registration.
  • – Prepare a document package which will include:
  •         • a document confirming the payment of all taxes and other mandatory payments to the local State Tax Inspection;
  •         • a receipt from the local employment center confirming the absence of tax liabilities;
  •         • statement to the State Employment Service of Ukraine; 
  •         • and others.
  • – Submit the document package to the state employment agency of Ukraine.
  • – Prepare a contract between the employer and foreign employee. This contract is a prerequisite for obtaining a permit.
  • – Support the process as the official/legal representative of the employer, and obtain the non-national employee a work permit on the employer’s behalf.

With our help, the turnaround time is 2–3 weeks.

The participation of the employer company and the foreign citizen is only required at the stage of the document package preparation (1–2 meetings).

The permit is issued for a period of one year with the possibility of further extension.

Our experts can provide assistance to companies who wish to challenge an unfavourable decision on the permit by the state employment center.

A work permit for a foreign citizen is the basis for obtaining a temporary residence permit.

A work permit is issued for a particular job/position with a specific employer. Transferring a foreigner to another position even within the same company requires a new permit.

The law states that a work permit in Ukraine may be issued to both foreigners and stateless persons.

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