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Comprehensive audit

Comprehensive audit is an examination of all areas of accounting and tax records, a full and complete investigation of a company’s financial and economic activities. Comprehensive audit is a means of identifying and correcting accounting and reporting errors.

The Golden Share company has extensive experience in comprehensive auditing

Our comprehensive audit consists of several stages:

  • ○ Developing the audit’s purposes and objectives.
    ○ Examining the company’s overall activities.
    ○ Studying and evaluation of accounting systems.
    ○ Evaluating all accounting areas.
    ○ Evaluating tax accounting.
    ○ Evaluating financial statements.
    ○ Preparing a report and providing an audit opinion with advisory and recommendations on corrective strategies for detected errors.
    ○ Discussing the company’s bookkeeping and tax accounting situation with company management.

Comprehensive audit provides a general idea of the company’s accounting situation, identifies mistakes and at-risk areas, and presents recommendations for remedial action.

Why comprehensive audit?

  • ○ To evaluate your company’s financial risks and general financial situation.
    ○ To ensure that your new chief accountant has a “clean slate” start with you.
    ○ To have all financial records in order for your company’s new owners or senior executives.
    ○ To prepare for buying or selling your business or parts thereof.
    ○ To comply with investors’ requests.
    ○ To prepare for official state auditing.

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