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The Golden Share’s legal services experts aim first and foremost to provide your business with quality, full service packages which are comprehensive, multi-faceted, and uniquely suited to your company’s legal needs. Our customers include many foreign companies, along with their representative offices and branches, as well as Ukrainian companies with foreign investments.

Foreign companies operating in Ukraine necessitate full-time legal support. Conducting business within a different legal system brings its own particular set of risks and challenges, and business owners or managers are often faced with the following questions: what are the options for dealing with or solving the difficulties which arise, and what are the long-term results or consequences which could be incurred?

Golden Share’s experts have been providing legal support to foreign and international businesses for many years.

The following cornerstones define our company’s approach to providing legal services:

  • – Efficiency and goal-oriented focus on the desired results.
  • – Transparency and keeping our clients fully informed.
  • – A comprehensive approach to each individual task.
  • – Professionalism, competence, and experience.
  • – High-quality services and the most advantageous partnership terms possible.

Various aspects of business activities are regulated by different branches of the law: constitutional, economic, administrative, corporate, labor, tax, and civil. It takes an experienced, strong, well-trained legal team to effectively protect and lobby your business’s interests and provide its legal support. We at Golden Share have created just such a team, with the aim of providing the highest quality legal services for our customers.

Our services include:

  • – Set up companies,
  • – Corporate documents updates registration,
  • – Contracts drafting,
  • – Licensing,
  • – Permits,
  • – Tax law,
  • – Corporate law,
  • – Business labors,
  • – Employment law,
  • – Pre-trial settlement of disputes,
  • – Litigation,
  • – Enforcement proceedings,
  • – Legal services,
  • – Consultations,
  • – Closing of companies,
  • – and many others.

Our lawyers are experts in creating, establishing and developing business opportunities in Ukraine for foreign companies, as well as in interacting on their behalf with government agencies, other participants in their business or trade sphere, and their employees. Our expert legal advice helps to provide business security, reduce risks, and, most importantly, to substantially increase the efficiency of your business, opening new doors of possibility.

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