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Representation of interests and protection of rights in court.

We have a successful judicial practice to protect the interests of our clients in court cases, such as:

Tax disputes:

  • – Corporate income tax,
  • – Value added tax,
  • – Appealing tax authorities unscheduled inspections,
  • – Other disputes arising on the basis of Ukraine’s laws.

Economic disputes:

  • – Disputes about signing, amending or terminating commercial agreements,
  • – Disputes about contract implementation and other obligations.

Litigation is one of our company’s main activities. We always give our clients excellent representation in court and have won many cases due to our experience and the competence of our experts. A special approach to case management, an integrated technique and understanding the nuances and specifics of jurisprudence is what allows us to achieve the desired results in the most difficult situations. 

We especially want to mention our experts’ successful experience in supporting transactions to recover debt and to appeal decisions of tax authorities on the assessment and collection of taxes. We have protected financial interests of many companies by restoring or maintaining millions of hryvnias on their accounts.

The Golden Share represents the interests of their clients at every stage of the judicial process: analyzing the situation, researching the materials and advising, representation in courts at all levels.

We guarantee:

Fulfilling our commitments to represent and protect your business interests properly and sufficiently. And using all possible means and methods to achieve the desired solution.

Effectiveness of steps carried out by our specialists to provide the necessary services. For us, effectiveness means to get the most beneficial solution for your business.

We will keep you informed about the progress of the litigation, of the legal prospects, and of all the objective circumstances that occur during the trial.

Maintaining confidentiality of the information obtained in the course of providing services.

Our benefits are 15 years of experience in providing business services, excellent reputation and the trust of our clients.

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