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IFRS Financial reporting, US GAAP

The Golden Share Consulting Group provides a variety of IFRS and US GAAP services.

Our experts are skilled in:

  • ► Corporate accounting policies development, transition to IFRS (GAAP).
  • ► Parallel accounting according to IFRS/US GAAP and Ukraine’s legal standards or conversion of financial statements.
  • ► Financial statements in accordance with Ukraine’s legislation, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), US Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (US GAAP). The service may include:
                ○ parallel accounting (our experts both maintain accounting records and draw up IFRS/US GAAP statements);
                ○ separate accounting (our experts draw up IFRS/US GAAP statements).
  • ► Reconciliation of statements which have been drawn up according to differing accounting standards.
  • ► Consolidated IFRS/US GAAP statements for group companies.
  • ► Conversion of financial statements from domestic accounting standards to IFRS/US GAAP.
  • ► Consulting on IFRS/US GAAP financial statements. 
  • ► ISAs (International Auditing Standards) audit of our customer companies’ IFRS/US GAAP accounting statement.

Each of our services is provided either as part of a retainer or as a stand-alone project, for example, developing and implementing an IFRS accounting system for our customers or providing support on a one-time basis for our customer’s initial IFRS accounting system conversion.

The statements package can be prepared in Ukrainian, Russian, or English, as well as in other languages as needed.

Many multinational corporations are involved in consolidated management accounting in order to analyze their global corporate management and financial performance of local units and to create their global consolidated reports. Generally, the management accounting departments use the reporting forms that are developed and approved at the global corporate level and based on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) with due regard to business specifics.

The Ukrainian law and regulations tend to gradually adapt the national accounting standards to the international ones, but this adaptation process is far from completion, and the differences still remain significant.

Our experts monitor changes in the national accounting standards, international financial reporting standards and the adaptation process.

We work closely with the central financial reporting departments of multinational companies so that our reports meet corporate standards of our clients.

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