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Mandatory audit

According to the current Ukrainian legislation, mandatory audit is required for certain categories of businesses and for certain specific purposes. That means that there are situations where companies must undergo financial and business activity inspection. Only an independent licensed auditor who has the required permit can perform mandatory audits.

The Golden Share Consulting Group has all the necessary permits and licenses to provide mandatory audit services.

Our company has extensive experience in carrying out mandatory audits for various companies.

Mandatory audit is performed annually for businesses that attract individual investments or trade in securities, namely:

  • ○ Public joint-stock companies.
    ○ Bond issuers.
    ○ Banks.
    ○ Investment funds and companies.
    ○ Non-bank financial institutions.
    ○ Stock exchanges.
    ○ Insurance companies.
    ○ Loan companies.
    ○ Non-governmental pension funds.

The purpose of mandatory audit is to ensure that your annual balance sheet and financial statements are valid and complete.

Mandatory audit is also required for:

  • ○ Companies that go into liquidation.
    ○ Companies that act as founders of new joint-stock companies.
    ○ Commercial banks that verify the legal entities of shareholders data which has been submitted to the National Bank of Ukraine.
    ○ Companies that found new commercial banks.

Mandatory audit is usually conducted to confirm the validity of business activity reports provided by the company to the state authorities.

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