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Tax law

Tax planning. Tax consulting. Tax reporting. Legal analysis and conclusions. Taxation disputes.

When should you to turn to our experts?:

  • – When you’re planning to start a new business or have just registered a new company.
  • – When you’re planning to expand your business activities or go into international trade.
  • – If your business has an excessive tax burden.
  • – If you disagree with a particular decision or action taken by government taxation authorities. 
  • – When there’s a dispute between parties in a legal situation which is governed by legislation concerning taxes and fees. 

Our services:

  • – Tax advice.
  • – Legal analysis of tax situations arising during economic or financial dealings. 
  • – Business tax law audit. 
  • – Tax planning and optimization.
  • – Assistance in creating tax and accounting records.
  • – Inspection support.
  • – Protection and representation of interests before tax authorities and other government agencies. 
  • – Tax disputes. Case practice.

How useful are our services?

  1. Custom-made solutions. We guarantee tailor-made, optimal solutions to your problems through an integrated approach. We employ a team of highly-skilled lawyers, reliable, qualified experts in accounting and audit, which guarantees successful resolution of any tax-related issues.
  2. Our experience is to your advantage. Our experts can solve problems of any complexity due to many years of practice in addressing issues regarding taxation. We keep aware of all necessary details and aspects of the situation, the state of current legislation and any changes or amendments, and the specifics of your work or business activities. 
  3. We are personally interested in your success. Our experts are committed to finding the most effective solutions and achieving positive results even in difficult situations. This contributes both to your success and to our development.

Our services have helped many international and Ukrainian companies to find the best solutions for reducing business costs and maintaining effective tax risk management.

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