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Legal advice and consulting support.

Why legal advice from an experienced lawyer on the various aspects of your business? 

There are a variety of problematic issues that can be effectively solved through legal analysis.

The main objectives of a legal consultation:

  • – Finding the best solution to a specific problem or issue.
  • – Getting the specialized information you need in order to make sound decisions or carry out certain procedures.
  • – Reducing business risks associated with your company’s activities and dealings with business partners and state authorities.
  • – Protecting your rights and interests. 
  • – Avoiding undesirable consequences due to inadvertent violations of the law.

An experienced lawyer can determine the correct and most effective solution to any business issue that may arise, whether concerning daily work on documentation, coordination between the various parties of an agreement, resolution of any disagreements or complex legal issues, such as dispute resolution, protection of interests, etc.

Our Golden Share lawyers always strive to deliver the most satisfactory solutions to your questions and issues. We don’t limit ourselves to merely providing minimal, perfunctory information.  We go above and beyond the bare essentials to bring you original, quality solutions and a clear, well-structured guide to action. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • 1. Issues relating to starting a business:
  •     – Choosing an organizational and economic category.
  •     – Choosing a taxation system.
  •     – Developing financial and tax schemes.
  •     – Starting a business in Ukraine for foreign legal entities and individuals.
  •     – Obtaining permits and licenses.
  •     – Business legalization.
  •     – Drafting documents and fulfilling registration requirements.
  •     – And other questions.
  • 2. Issues relating to business activities in Ukraine.
  • 3. Issues concerning tax legislation, dealings with tax authorities.
  • 4. Drawing up contracts and negotiations between the various parties.
  • 5. Dispute resolution, pre-trial and trial settlements.

We offer:

  • – Verbal consultations.
  • – Consultation meetings on the client’s premises or our own. 
  • – Phone consultation.
  • – On-line consultation.
  • – Written consultation.

Many companies’ specialized activity types, as well as their dealings with the other participants in their business sphere and with state authorities, require on-going analysis and legal support. With a view to this, we offer both one-off consultation packages and consulting retainers.

With our expert legal team at the wheel, you can be assured of the most professional advice and quality comprehensive services. We provide effective solutions to any legal problems, due to our qualified experts’ extensive and in-depth knowledge of the legal and business issues faced by our clients.

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