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Registration of Copyright for a Software Product

At present, the development of many spheres of human activities takes place at a very fast pace. One of such spheres is IT. But, with the rapid development, there is a possibility of quickly loosing what has already been achieved.

Because of that, with the purpose of security of IT business, it is necessary to anticipatorily foresee all risks and nuances which occur in the process of creation of a particular Product (Software).

Software is an object of copyright law and is subject to legal protection.

The copyright to software is created at the moment of its creation. And even without registration of copyright to that Software, its creator is the owner of copyrights and can use it for own purposes.

But irrespectively from who creates Software, it is used by a wide range of persons. Because of that, risks which may arise when using software can appear to be too significant to ignore them.

With the purpose of protection from using the Product without the authorization of copyright owners, we recommend that you register copyrights or proprietary rights to such objects and offer our help in this process.

Advantages of Registration of Copyright to Software

After the registration, you will be entitled:

1) to use your intellectual property rights to computer application (that is, to gain profit from using it; to gain profit from selling the application; also, the evaluation of rights to software, for example, with the purpose of depositing it to the authorized capital a new enterprise, etc.);

2) to authorize the usage of the copyright item – the computer application – by other persons (to grant licenses to the application for payment of royalty or free of charge);

3) to prohibit unlawful use of the copyright item – the computer application – by other persons.

Who can register computer software copyright in Ukraine?

In the territory of Ukraine, the legislation regulates the possibility of state registration of computer software copyright by individuals and legal entities.

The state registration of copyright for computer software can be made by:

    —  author of computer software (an individual);

    —  a group of co-authors (individuals);

    —  a legal entity, in case if the author (authors) of compute software are employees of that legal entity and have created such computer software within the frames of their work duties for that very legal entity being their employer.

List of documents required for registration of computer software copyright:

  1. Application on conformance to the set form which is completed in Ukrainian language (if necessary, it may be completed by employees of our company);
  2. Copy of the software Product (in such case, the source code of the computer software on optical medium – disc);
  3. User Manual;
  4. Summary of the Product;
  5. Document evidencing the fact and the date of publication of the Product (if such has took place);
  6. Document of payment of the official fee for preparation to the registration of copyright;
  7. Document of payment of the state duty for issuance of the certificate;
  8. Power of attorney issued in the name of our employee.

Depending on particular situation, our lawyers may need other documents too.

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