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The Golden Share Accounting Center has provided comprehensive services in taxation for over 15 years. Our services range from exploratory consultations for Ukrainian startups to complete support to our clients in their communications with tax authorities.

Our clients are companies that need the most secure and professional service, because decision-making on taxation issues has a direct impact on business profitability. The Golden Share Center is a reliable partner that can help corporate tax managers make right decisions in the dynamic market environment and be one step ahead of inspection bodies.

Our experts have developed and successfully implemented a number of effective financial and tax planning solutions for import/export, construction, real-estate and telecommunications companies, financial institutions, retailers and international hauling companies.

We assist our clients in developing general tax strategies and at all stages of any individual investment or venture project as well.

During the global financial crisis our services helped many international and Ukrainian companies solved the dilemma of cutting their business costs or still managing tax risks.

Political changes always influence laws and regulations, but we are still developing new and the most up-to-date tax solutions that our clients can use to maximize their business performance.

Our comprehensive range of tax services are always tailored to your individual circumstances, including business problem complexity, time limits and your preferences, and you can choose some options when it comes to customizing our services.

1. Tax Consulting.
2. Financial and Tax Strategies.
3. Tax Structuring in M&A Deals and Asset Sales.
4. Tax Planning.
5. Day-to-Day Tax Optimization.
6. Assistance in Tax Audits and Negotiations with Tax Authorities.
7. Representing Clients in Tax Disputes before Tax Authorities.

Our company can help you in dealing with the following taxes.

  • ○ VAT.
  • ○ Customs and Excise Duties and Other Indirect Taxes.
  • ○ Profit Tax.
  • ○ Payroll Taxes.
  • ○ Tax Services for Individuals.
  • ○ Other Taxes.

Our experts have offered many tax solutions that enable hundreds of companies enhance their competitive edge by optimizing tax risk management. When you use the services of the Golden Share Center, you can save significant amounts on taxes and direct the money toward other uses such as current operating expenses, dividends or your business development.

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