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How does true quality accounting work?

What are the most important considerations in choosing accounting services? Optimizing costs, helping develop your business, and assuring legal integrity are all key priorities. But is the average accountant competent enough to accomplish all this?

We at Golden Share are a highly qualified, competent team of skilled professionals who can offer you targeted, efficient accounting services to help with the most crucial accounting issues for businesses: tax optimization, business development, and legal integrity. What makes us special? Our integrated approach. We provide you with a full range of services from experienced accountants, lawyers, tax lawyers, 1C computer programmers, and auditors.

Why our accounting services meet your exact needs?

We can bring perfect order to your affairs. Unlike other companies in this field, we have more than just accountants in our employ. Our staff includes lawyers, including specialists in taxation law, 1C computer programmers, and auditors. They teamwork with our accountants to produce results that are above reproach. Even the most minor requirements by regulatory authorities are covered by our accounting services.

Timely and correct statement submission. We carefully select our employees in order to provide you with quality services, following a tailor-made, multi-tiered recruitment system where only 1 out of 150–200 applicants merits a Golden Share accountant position. We check references from previous employers and co-workers and carry out in-depth evaluation of their professional skills, as well as the ability to establish communication with the customer in an engaging and effective manner. We ensure that you are taken care of by the best in the field.

Quality control. Every step in your accounting process is checked multiple times by our quality control department. Our tax lawyers keep current with all legislation changes; our accounting procedures are compliant with the latest accounting regulations. We bear the financial responsibility for our work, so that you never have to worry about it.

Easy workflow management. We use the newest accounting computer technologies to speed up the process. Are you having problems with 1C software? We employ full-time programmers who can take care of it for you–no need to spend hours waiting for an outside 1C operator. Do you have a timely question? You can ask your accountant about it at any time, as if he were sitting in the next room. We follow clearly defined processes; our system works smoothly. We do everything possible for your convenience.

Business cost reductions. Unlike the vast majority of accountants from other firms, our accountants always give you tips on how to optimize your expenses. They detect changes in patterns, calculate possible outgo increases, and provide you with practical recommendations based on their observations. This enables you to understand the potential results of every decision & action when managing your accounts, which results in substantial savings for your business over time.

Custom solutions. Looking for extra services? Get them from us at discounted prices. An audit pending? We will competently represent your company’s interests. Preparing for a complex transaction? We will help you do it right. We   perform accounting procedures for businesses with complex structures & diverse functions and activities. We provide you with all the services you require.

Our special features:

  • You receive the services of experienced accountants, lawyers, tax lawyers, 1C computer programmers, and auditors.
  • All your problems get solved competently and promptly.
  • A team of top-level professionals selected using a complex multi-tiered recruitment system where only 1 out of 200 applicants merits a Golden Share accountant position.
  • The latest business & accounting software, which means faster and more accurate work results.
  • Services with guarantees—your risks are our risks and we help prevent them for you.
  • 6 main collaboration options to choose from. Choose the one that works best for you.
  • Quality services that match those of leading international accounting firms.
  • 100% confidentiality.

Our customers speak out:

We were offered an efficient strategy for solving the problems we had had.

“In addition to daily accounting support, the Golden Share audited previous reporting periods, found and fixed some accounting mistakes and offered us the most effective strategy for tackling the problems”.

S.Y. Shapovalov, Head Manager of the Bobst S. A. in Ukraine.

Our company’s tax burden planning framework is now optimally designed.

   «Your specialist conducted an audit of previous tax accounting periods, gave a number of practical recommendations to improve accounting processes, and developed and adjusted the accounting and reporting systems employed by our corporation. Your staff also helped our company to develop an optimal scheme for tax burden monthly planning and interaction with the government tax administration department and other supervisory bodies».

N.I. Chapovsky, CEO of the Biochem Co., Ltd.

 Our collaboration with Golden Share resulted in well-established business processes for tax planning.

     “The Golden Share experts employ a high level of professionalism and a responsible attitude towards providing services for their customers. Their work results in well-established business processes for tax planning, business and management accounting, and legal support for our business activities”.

A.L. Potekha, CEO of the KupiSkidku Ltd.  

     We received the full range of services we needed from just one company—Golden Share.

«When we were first starting out, we came to Golden Share, and they offered us a comprehensive service package for business and tax accounting and legal support. We were able to receive the full range of services we needed from just one company. It saved us a lot of time and effort. We simply submit them our business, and from there on their experts get right on top of the situation and take care of it without any involvement required on our part».

Y.V. Zabolotny, CEO of the Porte’s supermarket chain.

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