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Individual tax ID certificate

The Taxpayer Identification Number or taxpayer code (TIN or ID number) is a registration number used for tax accounting purposes. Assigned to all Ukrainian citizens and available to non-resident individuals when required or desired.

When do foreign nationals need a Ukrainian TIN? If a foreign national receives any income in Ukraine, or uses a notary’s services, or opens bank accounts, etc., in accordance with Ukraine’s legislation, it is mandatory that he/she register with Tax Inspection (State Fiscal Service) and receive a tax identification number (TIN). For example, when:

  • – Tarting a company and/or engaging in business activities.
  • – Receiving employment.
  • – Fcquiring real estate, or registering property and other assets that are subject to taxation, including personal vehicles. 

To obtain a tax number, a non-resident (private individual) needs the following documents:

  • – A notarized translation of their passport for a non-resident business founder (private individual).
  • – A notarized power of attorney from the non-resident founder (private individual) for the Golden Share legal representative carrying out the procedure on their behalf. If the power of attorney was issued outside of Ukraine, it requires translating into the Ukrainian language, and the translation must be notarized.

A tax number (TIN) for foreigners in Ukraine should be issued within 5–10 working days.

In addition to obtaining a tax number, our company can also provide the following services:

  • – Obtaining a work permit. 
  • – Obtaining a temporary residence permit. 
  • – Registration of companies, organizations, and branches. 
  • – Legal and accounting services. 
  • – Сonsulting support. 

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