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Closing of companies

Business liquidation

Liquidation of a business may be necessary for several reasons: the founders’ decision, the court’s decision, failure to fulfill obligations to creditors, and others. Depending on the reasons for liquidation, it may be:

  • – compulsory,
  • – voluntary.

We have extensive experience in carrying out liquidation procedures: 

  • – voluntary liquidation of individual entrepreneur businesses,
  • – voluntary liquidation of limited liability companies,
  • – voluntary liquidation PJSCs, OJSCs, branches, representative offices,
  • – reorganization of a business.

Each type of liquidation consists of a service package that can be broken down into several stages:

  1. Analyzing the situation and preparing necessary documentation.
  2. Carrying out the required steps (a commission’s appointment, defining the order and timeline of the liquidation, notifying the registrar of the decision regarding the liquidation, closing the accounts, etc.).
  3. Inventory survey of the business under liquidation, inspections by SFS (State Fiscal Service) and PFU (Pension Fund of Ukraine), deregistration at regulatory bodies.
  4. Archiving the documents.
  5. Registering the business liquidation.

Why us?

liquidate without complications. We conduct the liquidation in accordance with all legal requirements to guarantee completion of all stages.

We have the experience and partnership relations. Our experience and proven partnership relations allow us to follow the liquidation procedures on the terms that are most beneficial for our clients.

Working with us saves you time. Business liquidation in Ukraine is a complex and tim-consuming process. By authorizing us to liquidate, you can focus on your own affairs and let us take care of the deadlines and the required procedures. We take care of the entire process and inform you on the results achieved.

Here you can also request the services of: 

Registration of companies, branches, and representative offices.

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