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Legal services

Legal support and protection for your business.

An experienced and competent legal team can safeguard the legitimacy of your business’s legal status and its activities and practices. It can also: 

  • – provide the best and most profitable solutions to any issues concerning business and legal activities engaged in with other legal entities;
  • – reduce possible risks;
  • – protect your business or organization’s rights and interests. 

Legal support by Golden Share includes the option of additional areas of support and services outside the range of a basic service package, which can be agreed on separately upon request:

  • – Legal advice (verbal and written).
  • – Legal audit of businesses’ activities or individual transactions.
  • – Examining legal documents.
  • – Drafting legal documents.
  • – Documenting interactions and negotiations support with contractors.
  • – Legal support of personnel management.
  • – Advocacy and relations support with the government and regulatory bodies.
  • – Registration procedures: statutory documents amendments, permits acquisition, etc.
  • – Work permits and residence permits for foreigners.
  • – Pre-trial settlement of disputes.
  • – Legal representation in courts and at Bailiff’s Service.
  • – Other services.

Our regular customers value our excellence of service, our understanding of their needs, our professionalism, and our knowledge of the market specifics of their particular branch of business or commerce.

When you sign a legal support agreement with us, you receive excellent solutions to all your legal issues, as well as:

  1. Immediate response to your inquiry. Our regular customers are always our priority–all inquiries are immediately responded to, and will always be taken care of as soon as possible.
  2. Meeting deadlines. Our lawyers agree with our clients on the completion deadline for each job and adhere strictly to these terms
  3. The most cost-effective solutions. The Golden Share experts are focused on the results that are the most beneficial for the client. Therefore, in each legal situation, they thoroughly research the details, carefully examine the various options, and provide our customers with all the necessary information and facts to help them select the most beneficial solution for their particular needs. 
  4. Transparency and guarantees. Our lawyers provide our clients full disclosure of all essential and relevant information, and always carry out fully all services guaranteed under their contract.

The Golden Share lawyers are highly skilled professionals with many years of experience in various areas of business law. Our clientele includes both Ukrainian and foreign companies, and their representative offices and branches. These companies operate in the following sectors of the economy: agriculture, industry, telecommunications, manufacturing, construction and real estate, finance, wholesale and retail trade, catering, various service industries, IT-business, and others.

Your confidence in us is never misplaced.

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