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If you are planning to start or already doing business in Ukraine, our tax advisors would be happy to answer any questions on taxation for companies and entrepreneurs.

Our advisors have substantial experience and expertise in tackling any tax challenges our clients can face. Here are the key factors that enable our client to make an informed decision after our consultations.

1. In-depth Knowledge of Laws and Regulations

The Ukrainian tax laws and regulations change very frequently. In order to keep abreast of all recent developments, we monitor the ever-changing laws and regulations; use the most comprehensive sources of information on taxation issues; review the most authoritative periodicals in the industry; discuss the tax problems in a professional peer environment; attend workshops; exchange views and participate in round tables to discuss problems with leading experts in the field.

2. Solution-Focused Consultations

Our clients always want to know an expert opinion, but what they need most of all is a practical solution to their problems. Considerable knowledge of laws and regulations is not enough for solving the practical problems. Very often, the fiscal and court practices on some individual issues are crucial.

Analyzing any tax issue requires us to make a deep insight into the all relevant court decisions. We receive public and private comments to the issue from key officials at tax administrations of all levels. Also, we monitor a lot of bill drafts before their approval in the parliament and consider the influence and impact of various lobbying groups in order to properly plan some future business activities.

We can offer you our consulting services in a way that better meets you individual needs in both accuracy and timeliness. The consultation can be made by phone, fax, in writing, or in person, briefly or deeply.

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