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ITS (information technology support)

ITS (information technology support)

Information technology support is provided for registered users of the BAS family programs in two versions – ITS PROF and ITS TECHNO.

ITS PROF includes:

  • access to the FREDO DokMan service;
  • monthly opportunity to use the “Auditor’s Consultations” service;
  • the possibility of registering an ITS contract lasting 24 months.

ITS TECHNO includes:

  • access to documentation, technical support, development, and administration materials.

Additional SERVICES can be arranged regardless of the availability of ITS:

  • Online service “RDI Service”.
  • Individual FREDO online services.
  • Package of online services “FREDO” – FREDO Report + FREDO DocMan.
  • The package of online services is “Technical support” – full access to the ITS Portal, consultation line, RDI Service, and Lectures.
  • Package of services Accounting – Pactum. Counterparty package Business 2200, FREDO Report, FREDO DocMan, 12 Auditor’s Consultations, Lectures.

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