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Residence permit

A temporary residence permit gives a foreign national or a stateless person the right to legally reside in Ukraine for a specified length of time. A residence permit is granted as an ID.

A temporary residence permit is issued on the basis of an employment permit or an employee card from a foreign or international company in Ukraine.

There are definite advantages to obtaining a temporary residence permit, namely:

  • – a foreigner holding a temporary residence permit has the right to apply for a visa to travel to another country in the Ukrainian location of its embassy or consulate; 
  • – there is no need to regularly register with OVIR (Ukrainian State Visa and Registry Department) as this condition applies only to foreigners without a residence permit;
  • – a foreigner has the right to reside in Ukraine for as long as the residence permit is valid;
  • – there is no need to fill out an immigration card at the border checkpoint;
  • – you can receive bank loans for purchases in Ukraine, including an automobile purchase  or real estate.

To obtain a residence permit for a foreign citizen on the basis of a work permit also requires a number of other documents, as well as compulsory health insurance.

What we can do for you:

  • – Advise on obtaining a temporary residence permit.
  • – Prepare and submit an application on behalf of a foreign national for a temporary residence permit.
  • – Prepare and submit to the appropriate authorities the employer company’s petition to grant the foreign employee a temporary residence permit. 
  • – Perform payment of state fees and other official charges on your behalf. 
  • – Draft and submit your documents to the migration services in Ukraine.
  • – Protect your interests when submitting the necessary documents.
  • – Represent your interests during the process of obtaining a temporary residence permit.

With our help, the turnaround time is 1–2 weeks.

The participation of the employer company and the foreign citizen is only required at the stage of the document package preparation (1–2 meetings).

Temporary residence permits and work permits are issued for the duration of one year, with the possibility of further extension.

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