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Investment registration

Foreign investments (investments by non-residents), as placing funds or assets into businesses for profit, must pass state registration. Only after the registration is the capital invested officially considered an investment.

Non-residents’ investments registration is an official procedure that gives an official status to the investment and provides guarantees to the investor.

Mostly, we are approached by foreign citizens to register investments that they place into:

  • – shares (OJSC);
  • – bonds;
  • – investment funds;
  • – real estate;
  • – the investor’s own business;
  • – other.

For all these types of investment, investment registration guarantees the investors:

  • – protection in the event of changes in legislation;
  • – protection in the event of forced seizures, as well as illegal actions by state authorities and their officials;
  • – compensation and reimbursement of possible losses;
  • – restitution of the investment in case of investment activity termination;
  • – transfer of profits, revenues, and other funds received from foreign investors.

Foreign investments in the amount of not less than 100,000 US dollars, if registered, could be grounds for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

Investors may be non-resident private individuals and legal entities as well as foreign governments and international organizations.

Investment can be in the form:

  • – funds;
  • – securities;
  • – properties;
  • – property rights;
  • – other rights.

Each type of investment has its own registration process; for example, the registration of property, which is mostly invested in the statutory fund of a company, requires transferring valuables across the border of Ukraine.

What we can do for you:

  • – Advise on investments and investment registration;
  • – Prepare a document package for registration;
  • – Submit documents to the relevant state authorities: the tax inspection, the city administration, etc.;
  • – Get information notice with a note;
  • – Get a registered information notice.

Registration period is 15–20 working days. 

Please note that foreign investments that are not registered do not make your company eligible for the benefits and guarantees stipulated by the Law.

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