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Outsourced recruitment of financial personnel

Recently, when the Ukrainian businesses recruit their staff themselves, they face a problem of assessing the professional expertise of their job applicants to key positions and estimating if the self-declared expertise matches a company’s specific needs. The reason is that the companies lack in-house effective tools for selecting and evaluating executive job candidates.

The majority of applicants grossly exaggerate their skills and professional experience in resumes or interviews. The situation cannot be tolerated when speaking of hiring financial managers, chief accountants, top internal auditors and other executives, and the lack of in-house HR support cannot excuse the failure to hire the right person, because the top managers are responsible for a company’s profits and losses. When we faced the fatal overestimation of personnel, we revealed that the staff was recruited by chance. And this is true for both the Ukrainian and multinational companies, be they small, medium or large. Please note you stand a very little chance of filling your vacancy successfully in Ukraine (within 1-2 percent) if you use the above inflexible approach to recruitment.

We overcame the same obstacles in the very first year of our business when found that neither educational level nor a work experience list nor an applicant’s self-declared expertise and competitive edge nor other qualities estimated at a company’s reception desk can provide the background for assessing the actual knowledge and skills of job applicants. But we wanted to employ well-qualified professionals for our team. So, since then we have developed and implemented our unique multi-level applicant evaluation system that can precisely define an employee’s expertise and personal qualities with respect to privacy issues.

We specialize in outsource recruitment in the following areas:

– financial management

– tax management

– accounting

– law

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