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Golden Share Consulting Group is a member of the international financial group Financial, which operates in many countries and on different continents.

International Financial Group today is a global network with more than 500 employees worldwide. Group member companies are represented in 48 countries.
The main mission of the group is to understand the past, build the present, and predict the future in order to support business in different countries of the world today and tomorrow.
Among the main areas of activity:
Accounting and tax accounting – checking, management, reporting, consulting.
Audit – certified audit, risk assessment, recommendations, forecasts.
Tax consultations and court cases – protection of business interests by the most effective means in order to avoid court proceedings, as well as through court cases.
Legal consultations – from the creation of a company to the support of its activities in accordance with the norms of law and taxation at each stage.
The group is represented in such countries as:
France, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, USA, Malta, Turkey, Poland, China, UAE, Ukraine and others.
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The Golden Share Consulting Group has been repeatedly recommended and recognized as a reliable business service provider by the United States Embassy and the US Department of Commerce in Ukraine that focuses on assisting US companies in finding business opportunities in Ukraine.

The Golden Share Consulting Group is a trusted partner of the British-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

The US Department of Commerce Catalogue presents the Golden Share as a reliable and proven accounting service provider for US companies that do business in Ukraine.

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