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Thematic audit

Thematic audit is an independent audit of specific segments of bookkeeping and/or tax accounting. It may include verification of individual operations, report confirmations, individual tax compliancy inspections, etc.

Thematic audit is necessary:

  • ○ When initiated by the management or owners to make sure that specific segments of bookkeeping and tax compliancy are maintained properly.
    ○ In preparation for counter inspections by authorities.
    ○ When creating reconciliation acts or solving disputes between counterparties.
    ○ When preparing claim applications for legal action.
    ○ At the request of a supervisory authority, investor, or bank as part of a loan approval process.

Thematic audit is divided into the following accounting area segments:

  • • Authorized capital audit.
    • VAT audit.
    • Income tax audit.
    • Fixed assets and depreciation audit.
    • Accounts receivable and payable audit.
    • Audit of settlements with accountable persons.
    • Payroll audit.
    • Teller transactions audit.
    • Inventory and low-value assets audit.
    • Currency transactions audit.
    • Securities audit.
    • Manufacturing and product audit.
    • Financial statements audit.

When a thematic audit is completed, a report is produced which describes problems and violations of procedures, and presents recommendations for remedial actions. 

We guarantee full confidentiality of all information obtained in the course of an audit.

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