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Financial reporting under specific corporate standards

Do you want to effectively manage and develop your business? Then management accounting is for you.

Management accounting from Golden Share is based on many years of experience in solving highly complex  issues in this field. Depending on the economic environment and the purpose of reporting, our accounting experts can draw up statements at any level of detail.

Why our experts’ accounting skills stand out:

  • Relevance: our financial statements focus on potential risks and hidden threats and detail prospective lines of development.
    Efficiency and timeliness: financial statements submitted on time are the only source of reliable and relevant data.
    Flexibility and targeting: comprehensive information ensures the guarantee of your interests in fluctuating situations.

Some of our most popular services:

  • 1. Management accounting development and implementation.
    2. Development of custom management accounting forms for your company.
    3. Scheduled management accounting.

Corporate Accounting

The Golden Share Consulting Group also assists our customers aspect in corporate accounting. Corporate accounting is vital aspect of  corporate governance. It also increases the value of your business by enhancing transparency and improving management.

This service generates interest from businesses that have branches or divisions as well as from those branches and divisions which report to the head office.

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