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Financial Audit

The Golden Share Company has extensive experience in both auditing and providing a number of other accounting services to companies from a variety of industries such as the fuel and energy sector, mining, metalworking & chemical industry; telecommunications, investment & banking, construction & engineering,  airlines, transportation, wholesaling/retailing and service industries.

We provide auditing services for both mandatory and voluntary audits.

Comprehensive or as thematic auditing can be requisitioned from our audit company by business owners or management, with added research on specific aspects of accounting and taxation available upon request. 

The most common cases requiring thematic audit are: 

  1. VAT audit.
  2. Corporate tax audit.
  3. Tax compliance.
  4. Fixed assets audit.
  5. Accounts receivable and payable audit.
  6. Manufacturing and product audit.
  7. Audit of individual financial and business transactions.

Companies owned by foreign nationals or operating within international markets can be audited in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and are offered the option to receive their audit opinions in English.

We also provide comprehensive legal research and official audit assessments.

Our auditing service fees are determined by the following factors:

  1. Company activity types and complexity of accounting demands and procedures.
  2. Scope of the company’s paperwork flow.
  3. Quality of current company bookkeeping records & practices.

The quality of bookkeeping is determined by such factors as the comprehensiveness and availability of documentation, proper document storage systems, accounting software database equivalence and synchronization with primary documentation, correct report generation from electronic databases, timely report submissions. Based on the above complexity parameters, the audit fees may vary within a wide range.

Our employees provide onsite project estimations by visiting client companies to conduct research on primary documentation registries, accounting software databases, accounting, and tax and statistical reports. We then submit our proposal as to the recommended audit program based on our findings. Before we start, we estimate the project timeline, the number of auditors needed for the job, and the resulting budget for the audit services.

Once an agreement on terms and conditions is reached, we sign a contract with the client company and begin working.

In every case, we provide the client with an official audit opinion upon completion of the audit.

We provide auditing services to companies located all over Ukraine.

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