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Our Clients

Among our clients are leading international and Ukrainian investment, construction, high-tech, real-estate and agricultural companies, wholesalers and retailers, financial and banking institutions, software developers, industrial and financial holdings and service providers.

LG International Corp.

The LG International Corporation is part of the South Korean LG Holding, the largest financial and industrial group that is among the largest international brands, such as Samsung, Hyundai Motor, Hyundai Heavy Industries.

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Homer SH

A company affiliated to the Home Credit Group that is one of Europe’s leading providers of consumer finance and an owner of the Home Credit Finance Bank in Ukraine.

Bobst S.A.

Worldwide leading supplier of equipment and services to packaging manufacturers in the folded carton, corrugated board and flexible material industries.

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International company that specializes in development, manufacturing and marketing of a broad range of networking solutions.

Ober-Haus Ukraine

A company affiliated to Ober-Haus that is the largest real estate agency operating across the Baltic and Central European region.


The Ukrainian sister company of Biochem GmbH that focuses on development and sales of the latest additives in the field of animal nutrition and veterinary medicine.

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Printec Ukraine

Member of multinational Printec Group, South East Europe’s leader in Transaction Automation solutions.

UkrInformSviaz Ltd.

Ukrainian branch of the JSC INFORMSVIAZ Holding that is the largest engineering company in Russia and CIS.

Hofftel Ukraine LLC

Subsidiary of the American company Hofftel, a member of the International Association of TeleServices. Provider of telephone and information services.

TPK Geomash Ukraine Ltd.

Geomash is a leading manufacturer of drilling equipment in Russia and the CIS, the company with a more than 120-year history.


Geolink is a Ukrainian branch of the Russian leading company engaged in the development and production of high technologies, devices and automated systems.

BD Sensors

BD SENSORS is a Ukrainian company, a part of the multinational group of companies at four locations (Germany, Czech Republic, Russia and China), manufacturing pressure and level sensors.


PORTE'S is a leader on Ukraine’s doors and flooring market. It has chain stores in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa. The company is constantly evolving, in the last seven years it has grown from a small shop into a supermarket chain with over 100 employees. 

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Promo is the first Ukrainian performance-marketing agency that promotes online shopping and business projects. Among the agency’s clients are such e-commerce giants as COMFY, ALLO, Fotos, Gold.ua, etc. Its services: contextual advertising, search engine optimization, website conversion rate boosting, etc.

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The KupiSkidku company is one of the coupon sales market leaders in Ukraine. The KupiSkidku coupon website and its partners—bowling clubs, restaurants, night clubs, fitness centers, yoga studios, beauty salons, shops, etc.—offer the best discount propositions.

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Wilhelm Geldbach Ukraine

Wilhelm Geldbach is a Ukrainian branch of the multinational holding Geldbach. A leading supplier of flanges and other pipeline components.

ALL-IT Service

ALL-IT Service is a software developer in the Ukrainian and international markets. Among its projects is Zillya!, the very first Ukrainian antivirus.

The Blue Bird Group Ltd.

The Blue Bird Group Ltd. is an international health products company. The central office is in Hong Kong. The information center is in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The SVEL Group

In Ukraine, the SVEL Group is represented by the SverdlovElektro-Ukraine LLC. The company is a manufacturer of industrial power (transformer) devices that conform to international standards of quality and safety.

Total Ukraine

TOTAL is one of the top 5 global international integrated energy companies with 100,000 employees on five continents. The Group expands its presence at all levels across the industry: prospecting and production of hydrocarbons, refining and marketing of petroleum products, trade and sea transport.


Workle is an online platform for remote work. Registering at workle.ru allows users to choose a profession, get training, find employment, receive official income, and build a career. Workle provides a platform where its partners can post job ads with clear terms and requirements for applicants.

The PKF-Ukragropromkaly LLC

The PKF-Ukragropromkaly LLC is one of the largest manufacturers of potassium fertilizers in Ukraine. The company design a revolutionary technology for potassium fertilizers and potassium nitrate production. The company's goal is to meet agricultural producers’ need for mineral fertilizers.

The Ukrcontainer LLC

The Ukrcontainer LLC produces, sells, and rents cargo containers and accommodation units of various modifications: from ship refrigerators to trade pavilions and residential-grade structures for private use. The other line of business is transportation and machinery services.

The Depsol Technologies Ukraine

The Depsol Technologies Ukraine is a plastics and industrial chemicals producer and distributor. The company operates in Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic countries, delivers its products to the United States, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East. The company headquarters is in California, US.


EasyXpress is an international company with offices in Kyiv, Ukraine and New Jersey, US. The company provides delivery of goods from the US to Ukraine. 

The Promsvyaz PJSC

The Promsvyaz PJSC - is the company that has over 65 years of experience in metal industry and engineering. Its products are well known in the CIS countries, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

The Kamaz Trading House

The KAMAZ Group is one of the largest automotive industry corporations that holds the 16th place in the world among heavy commercial vehicles producers.

The Babusina Torbinka LLC

The Babusina Torbinka LLC specializes in farm produce delivery. It unites hard-working, honest farmers who grow and produce natural organic food, and lovingly and caringly delivers fresh homemade produce from farms directly to your door.

The Climate Control Ltd

The Climate Control Company specializes in sales, installation, design, and maintenance of engineering systems, utilities systems, and environmental support systems of residential, industrial, and office premises.

The Alliance Orbita SVK

The Alliance Orbita SVK is a group of companies that manufacture office, stationery, and school supplies for NAVIGATOR and TIKI. The merchandise selection is constantly updated to keep current with market trends and latest technologies. 


Biesse - Ukrainian subsidiary of the Italian group Biesse specialising in the woodworking segment. Every day company receives a large number of orders from wood processing enterprises from many world countries. 

AVYS Telecom S.A.

AVYS Telecom S.A. the Ukrainian representative office of the Spanish telecommunications company, which offers afull range of core services, ranging from fixed telephony to structuring cabling systems  for consumers of any market segment.

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